A soft velvety feel upholstery fabric available in 14 colours.
Suitable for use in healthcare, hotels and hospitality. Greenwich can be coordinated with other fabrics within our contract collections.
Technical information at the bottom.

For use in Healthcare Environment

Fabric Composition: 92% Filament Polyester, 8% Nylon, treated with fluorocarbon and Microporous Polymers and Flame Retardant. 

Flame Retardant: BS5852 0 & 1, BS5852 Crib 5 

Breathable: Moisture Vapour Permeable BS3546 65% 

Waterproof: Hydrostatic Head BS3424 1 Metre 

Martindale Abrasion: > 40,000 

Tear Strength: BS4303 (Severe Contract) Tensile Strength: BS EN 150 13934 (Severe Contract)

Urea Resistance: BS 3424 Part 19 No Deterioration after 24 hrs 5.5PH, 8.8PH Urea Soak 

Flex Text: BS 4818 no change after urea soak & 5000 flex’s 

Antibacterial / Antifungal: Will not support microbial growth including: Aspergillus Niger, E Coli, Altinata, Salmonella, Penicillium, Staphyloccus Aureus, Cladosporium, Herbarism.

Vacuum Frequently to keep colours fresh and prolong wear. Use soap and warm water for ordinary soiling. For stubborn stains use antiseptic cleaning agents or a safe solvent base or cleaner or Mineral Spirit. Full immersion in water is not recommended. Do not Dry Clean or Tumble Dry. Wiping and hang drying is the best method.